Two Drunk Witches' Body Doubles

I am not a fan of clutter. Chaos makes me twitch, and often I can’t rest easy until I’ve made some sort of effort towards orderliness. I know I represent the extreme of organizational fanaticism, but I also know that no matter how scattered our lives may be, all of us are eager to find ways to make things a little simpler.

The Beauty Industrial Complex would have us believe that the more (synthetic, chemically-laden and lavishly expensive) products we have in our ownership, the better our chances of meeting the (ever-unattainable) feminine beauty ideal.

Well, fuck that, is what we say!

What makes natural self-care so gloriously simple is its inherent versatility. As I move increasingly towards natural self-care products in my daily round, the barer my bathroom shelves grow, and the more wondrously simple my routine becomes. Doing away with unnecessary steps gives me more time (to sleep in, ahem), keeps all kinds of bottles and packaging from the landfill and reduces my exposure to potentially hazardous ingredients.

Natural self-care is meant to be creative, and we love highlighting the versatility of the products we make, because, well, keeping things simple – and fun – is what we’re all about!

Love Drunk Facial Cleanser with Green Tea

This non-foaming facial cleanser is designed to gently clean your skin without stripping it of moisture. But, we also recently discovered this creamy formula does double duty as a shaving lotion, creating a smooth barrier for your razor while keeping your skin quenched. If you’re someone who travels often, you’re bound to love having one less item to cram into your toiletries bag!

Colony of Hippies Calming Spray

We originally created Colony of Hippies as an ultra-grounding spray to help calm feisty kids and frazzled nerves, but I’m also obsessed with using this mist to help set the tone for my at-home yoga practice. Having got into the ritual of gently spraying my space as soon as I unroll my yoga mat helps signal to my mind and body that it’s time to root down and breathe deep – plus, with their antibacterial properties, the frankincense and lavender in this blend help keep your yoga mat non-funky!

Lavender Lullaby Body and Linen Spray

Similar to our Colony of Hippies, Lavender Lullaby can be used to help refresh your space – it’s a favourite for gently misting your pillow before bed to promote calmer sleep (we also tell parents that both it and Colony of Hippes make a great anti-monster spray for kids prone to nightmares!). But, with the inclusion of soothing aloe, witch hazel, white willow bark and tea tree, Lavender Lullaby also makes a lovely body and facial refresher.

One Last Kiss Lip Shimmer

The sheer, plummy hue of our lip shimmer is designed to enhance your natural lip colour, and can also be used to add a subtle hint of colour to your cheeks for a radiant glow!

Femme Fatale Seductive Massage Oil

The sultry combination of rose geranium and sandalwood in our Femme Fatale Seductive Massage Oil may be designed to arouse the senses, but we also love this lightweight blend as a moisturizer to keep our arms and legs silky soft during the dry winter months.

Rubeus’ Beard Oil

We’d originally created Rubeus’ as a beard oil only, but realized the lightweight, skin-quenching ingredients in this blend also work to keep freshly-shaved skin feeling smooth and hydrated!

Boo-Boo-Begone Salve

Our Boo-Boo-Begone Salve works well to calm minor wounds and skin irritations, but, as we recently discovered, also works exceptionally well as a spot treatment to address pesky breakouts. A little goes a long way with this potent salve!

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