So, what is a facial serum anyways?

We frequently get asked what the differences are between the three serums we create, and which is best suited to a specific skin type.

To begin, let’s talk about what exactly a serum is. 

Traditionally, facial serums are water-based formulations which contain a high concentration of active ingredients. Unlike moisturizers, which are created from a combination of oil and water, and are thicker and meant to create a protective, hydrating barrier, the smaller molecules that make up serums are able to deeply penetrate the skin and deliver a potent dose of ingredients. This higher concentration of ingredients is the reason serums are typically more costly than regular moisturizers.

Water-based serums generally have a gel-like consistency and contain things like antioxidants, vitamins and other skin-repairing ingredients, whereas oil-based serums are comprised of a combination of essential fatty acids and essential oils meant to nourish and restore the skin.

Because water-based serums absorb readily into the skin, we recommend you continue to use a protective moisturizer to help maintain your skin’s hydration. With oil-based serums, the choice to add a moisturizer depends more on your skin type and what time of day you apply the serum. Some people use oil-based serums in place of a moisturizer, while others still prefer to add an additional protective barrier. For myself, being prone to oiliness and breakouts, I use my oil-based serum as a night time treatment after I cleanse and tone my face.

With both water and oil-based serums, very little goes a long way. We recommend warming a pea-sized amount in your fingers (or, for the oil-based serum, a few drops), then gently massaging into your face and neck in upwards, circular motions. Alternatively, you can use your ring finger to gently dab specific areas you’d like to target, such as dark spots or the area beneath your eyes. Be sure to give the serum a few minutes to soak into your skin before applying your regular moisturizer.

It’s worth mentioning that because serums are potently formulated, some people may occasionally find that the concentration of ingredients irritates their skin. You may wish to discontinue using the formula, reduce the frequency you apply it or try mixing a very small amount with your regular moisturizer to help dilute the ingredients.

With that, we’re pleased to introduce the three serums currently part of the Two Drunk Witches range! 

Love Drunk Facial Serum with Rose and Hibiscus

Think soothe and clarify!

Our water-based Love Drunk serum is a powerful formula blended with omega-rich rosehip oil to deeply moisturize and promote firmness, as well as antioxidant-rich and naturally astringent hibiscus, which works to clarify the skin's appearance. The addition of intoxicating Rosewood and Rose de Mai essential oil serve to further soothe and re-hydrate, keeping your skin silky soft. This lightweight formula is generally suited to all skin types, and can be especially beneficial for younger complexions prone to breakouts.


Naked Solstice Facial Serum with Vitamin C and Neroli 

Think protect and brighten!

Our antioxidant-loaded water-based Naked Solstice serum is formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients, including rosehip oil, organic neem oil, vitamin C, vitamin E and organic cranberry, raspberry and blueberry extracts. The presence of vitamin C ester smooths lines, promotes elasticity and brightens the skin's appearance. Though this formula is generally suited for all skin types, mature skin will especially benefit from the thicker texture and concentration of cell-repairing antioxidants.

Sacred Serum

Think repair and replenish!

Our oil-based Sacred Serum contains a powerful blend of nutrient-dense ingredients meant to nourish the skin and combat signs of aging. The concentrated blend of luscious ingredients work together to stimulate cellular repair, heal the skin and deliver a high level of hydration. This blend works for all skin types, though those with oilier skin may prefer to use it as a night time treatment.

XX Megan and Brenda

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