Beach, Please: On Keeping Summer Skin Hydrated

Summer can be hard on our skin. Whether floating on the lake, hitting the trail, picnicking at the beach or camping under the stars, the time we spend in the elements during these deliciously long days can leave our skin thirsty for some extra TLC.

Lucky for you, we create a variety of products designed to hydrate and replenish summer-loving skin, each one offering something a little different...

For Your Face: Facial Serums

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you already know the gist behind facial serums – water-based formulations designed to deliver a high concentration of ingredients to your skin. While some people prefer to pair their serums with an oil-based moisturizer to create a hydrating barrier on the skin, facial serums are a great option for the hot and sweaty summer months, when your skin is generally more prone to oiliness and the thought of adding another product to the mix just ain’t your jam.

Our Love Drunk Facial Serum with Rose and Hibiscus is the lighter-weight formula of our two serums, and is well-matched to normal, combination and oily skin types. Omega-rich rosehip oil works to nourish and protect the skin from inflammation, while the inclusion of astringent hibiscus clarifies the complexion.

Meanwhile, our Naked Solstice Facial Serum with Vitamin C and Neroli is a great choice for normal, dry and mature skin types. The Vitamin C in this formula is especially beneficial for helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots, which are always more visible for me during the sun-kissed months (ugh!).

Use these ones: every darn day! The potency of water-based serums means a little goes a long way, so both our Love Drunk Facial Serum with Rose and Hibiscus and Naked Solstice Facial Serum with Vitamin C and Neroli make wonderful staples to get you through the summer season!

For Your Face: Sacred Serum

Of course, not to be neglected is our much-loved Sacred Serum, a powerful, oil-based blend of nutrient-dense ingredients meant to stimulate cellular repair and provide a potent level of hydration. When it comes to daytime use, this formula is best-suited to normal and dry skin types, while everyone can benefit from using it as a nighttime treatment.

Use this one: for times when you’re recovering from a little too much sun, particularly if your complexion is dry and flaky. This one can also be applied to the neck, chest and shoulders after an unexpected sunburn, once the initial inflammation has diminished, to help mend the skin.

For Your Body: Citrus Goddess Soothing Lotion

Our Citrus Goddess Soothing Lotion is an ultra-lightweight formula containing skin-quenching coconut and jojoba oils, plus soothing witch hazel and white willow to soothe and soften the skin. Because it contains no tree nut ingredients, it’s a particularly excellent choice for those with fussy skin. It's mild composition makes it a universally trusty go-to as a clean and simple daily moisturizer – it can even be applied to your face, yo!

Use this one: all day, erry day! We keep this one on hand all the time for quick and easy hydration straight out of the shower. It soaks into the skin nice and quick, and is an especially good choice if you also plan to wear sunblock.

For Your Body: Femme Fatale Seductive Massage Oil

Don’t let the name fool you – our Femme Fatale Seductive Massage Oil does double duty as a skin-rejuvenating moisturizer that is certain to arouse the senses. Formulated to quickly penetrate the skin, we promise it won’t leave you feeling like a summertime slip ‘n’ slide! Our Femme Fatale Seductive Massage Oil is the perfect solution to those times you’re looking for a little extra boost (and a little extra rawr!).

Use this one: all over your legs! Much as we adore showing a little extra skin these sultry summer months, all that shaving/waxing/epilating/choose-your-own-adventuring has the tendency to suck the moisture straight from our skin. Our Femme Fatale Seductive Massage Oil absorbs quickly into the skin’s surface while creating a silky, radiant glow! (Warning: the luscious balance of sensuous rose geranium and robust sandalwood in this formula may result in added friskiness!)

For Your Body: Bees Knees Ultra-Hydrating Lotion Bar

Our Bees Knees Ultra-Hydrating Lotion Bar is a fan-favourite, and for good reason: the combination of ingredients contained in this powerful little number deliver a mega-dose of hydration to dull and tired skin – a skincare essential for those of us who don’t slow down until the leaves start dropping! This formula provides the skin with a rich moisture barrier, and is an excellent choice for rough and dry hands, elbows, knees and heels!

Use this one: on the road! This is a great one to throw into your bag for a road trip or weekend getaway without the unexpected surprise of a leaky-lotion disaster. We also like to slather this one on after shaving, as it works well to combat razor burn.

Before we go, just a reminder that summertime’s not only hard on your skin – it can be hard on your skincare products, too! When it comes to natural skincare products, a little extra care goes a long way in helping preserve the potency and longevity of your trusted allies.

Fluctuations in temperature can cause natural skincare products to degrade more quickly, so it’s best to keep your products far away from direct sunlight. We like to store our products in a cupboard or drawer, preferably outside of the bathroom, where constant changes in temperature and moisture can also impact the quality. Also, avoid leaving products in a hot vehicles, as things like lip balms, salves and lotion bars can melt quickly in high heat.

Always ensure you’re applying your product with clean, dry hands. Introducing water into your products is one of the fastest-ever ways to cause spoilage, as it creates a breeding ground for germs. You can always try transfer your products to a clean, dry jar or container if you’re ever concerned about contamination.

All of our products are designed to stay optimal at room temperature for a period of a year, but storing your products in the refrigerator can help to extend their shelf life (plus, a refrigerated body lotion offers sumptuous relief from scorching heat!). As the warmer months can also cause your salves to be soften, you can also pop them in the fridge to help firm them up again.

Most importantly of all: have an outright amazing summer, godammit!

And: we love you!

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