Happy New Year! An Important Two Drunk Witches Update

As we prepare to begin a brand new year, we first off want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who thought of us for your holiday gifting this season. As a small, local business, it truly means the world to receive your support.

We also want to take this opportunity to share an important update about Two Drunk Witches as we reflect on our journey and reveal some changes you can expect to see in the months ahead. 


It’s hard to believe it’s already been seven years since Two Drunk Witches was conjured into existence by Brenda and Megan during their final projects for their herbalism apprenticeship in late 2016.

In fact, if it weren’t for the nine-month-long program, Brenda, a vivacious, energetic extrovert, and Megan, a studious, solitary introvert, may never have crossed paths.

The two of us were quickly united in our excitement and enthusiasm for brewing up plant-based potions and blends, and bonded by our admission that sometimes, wine is self-care.

We spent many afternoons those early days in Brenda’s kitchen, concocting oils and powders, the glitter of mica sparkling in the air as we surveyed the outcome of our efforts.

There were, unsurprisingly, many failures, like the red, holiday-themed bath bombs we tediously hand-moulded all afternoon and caringly dusted with peppermint before realizing their striking resemblance to oregano-dusted meatballs, or the powdered face mask to which we’d added too liberal a measure of papaya extract for an unexpectedly eye-watering acid peel effect.

We oh-so-wish there’d been a way to capture the innumerable laughs we shared in that kitchen, those moments we spent bent over with giddiness, our bellies aching with the unhinged hilarity of our errors.

Fortunately, there were successes, too, and many of them! We upgraded our packaging from the four-ounce Mason jars we’d begun with to amber glass vessels, and leveled up our labels with the support of a talented friend who embodied our vision.

We tweaked and improved our offerings based on the feedback we received, and began to receive interest from local retailers requesting to carry our creations.

We attended workshops and markets, where Brenda taught Megan how to be bold and courageous, and where in turn Megan instilled the value of keeping things organized. Over time, we learned the ways we complemented one another, enjoying a kind of harmony that allowed each of us to focus on the parts we loved.

Growing a small business is no easy feat. We’ve learned a lot over the past seven years about what it means to be in business, striving to lead with our hearts as we brew the botanical-based self-care products people have grown to love. We continue to be immensely grateful for the support we’ve received along the way, from family, friends and the strangers who took a chance on us (we hope we can refer to you, too, as friends now). We’ve also faced unique challenges in the process, particularly the difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, which to this day continues to have an impact on the availability of packaging and ingredients.

Through our time together building our small business, we’ve learned the precious meaning of innovation, teamwork and resilience, values that continue to underline the vision of Two Drunk Witches as we shift into a new chapter.

After tremendous deliberation and heartfelt conversation, Megan has decided to move on from Two Drunk Witches to focus on her artistic pursuits. It was not a decision that was reached lightly, but based on the awareness that Two Drunk Witches deserves the opportunity to continue to grow and flourish in new and exciting ways.

What does this change mean? Rest assured, Two Drunk Witches will continue to capture the same spirit that underscored its original inception: to create products that highlight the potent, skin-nourishing benefits of plant-based ingredients while celebrating the fact that healthy living and self-care is about listening to our bodies and minds and responding with what feels right.

While Two Drunk Witches’ core collection will remain the same – botanical-based facial skincare, body care and aromatherapy products – the aim of Two Drunk Witches over the coming months will be to continue to improve and enhance our offerings to deliver self-care that’s as accessible as it is effective.

You may notice some changes to our operations as we adjust to the transition, and invite you to please reach out directly to Brenda anytime to 250 213-9762 or if you have any questions.

We wish once more to extend our deepest gratitude to each of you who have accompanied us along this amazing journey up to this point, and sincerely hope that you will continue to follow along to see what new and exciting things are in store for the year ahead and beyond.

From our hearts to yours, wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed new year.


Brenda and Megan

PS: But before we go, we couldn't resist a little then-and-now comparison of some of our favourite creations. Oh, how far we've come!


Happy new year, dear hearts.

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